Spiced Pumpkin, Fetta and Pearl Barley Salad

We’re currently in the transition between winter and spring. We’ve had some lovely warm, sunny days, which feel lush. But thanks to La Niña today is feeling like winter again. That being said, I’m getting a lot of inspiration seeing fall recipes posted by Northern Hemisphere friends on Instagram. It feels like a nice overlap with the seasons where we … Read More

Beetroot Hummus with Homemade Seeded Crackers

If there’s two things I know I will always have the ingredients on hand to make, it’s spaghetti cacio e pepe, which is my #1 comfort food dish… and hummus. It’s incredible to me the way that a handful of basic ingredients can come together to create magic – butter, sugar, eggs and flour and hey, you have cake. Or … Read More

Simple Dinners 23 / Grilled Peach, Corn and Tomato Panzanella Salad

I am always looking for recipes that I feel really embody a season. For me it’s a combination of utilising seasonal ingredients when they are at their most delicious, and also a sense of time and place. There’s nothing better than a spiced pumpkin soup on a chilly winter night or a fresh strawberry pie in the springtime. If I … Read More

Pearl Barley, Pomegranate and Fennel Salad – Christmas Side Dish!

Just a quick little post from me today with a last minute Christmas side dish that I’ve been obsessed with for the last couple of weeks. I’ve already made this colourful Pearl Barley, Pomegranate and Fennel Salad twice and it’s not even Christmas yet!  I can’t lie, the main reason I love this dish is because it looks so pretty … Read More

Simple Dinners 09 / Ottolenghi’s Herb Pie + 7 Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

Do you make a menu plan for your weekly dinners, or wing it every night depending on what you feel like eating? I’ll definitely admit to some last minute spontaneous dinner decisions, depending on what I found in season/on special at the market, or if something tasty has caught my eye on a food blog or Pinterest. I like doing … Read More

Simple Dinners 08 / Lamb, Pea, Mint & Fetta Salad

While I love making elaborate meals when friends come over for dinner, when I’m cooking for myself I like to keep things super simple and relatively healthy. I love writing this Simple Dinners column every month, because it allows me to either try brand new things in search of easy weeknight meals, or to share dishes that have become my favourites over … Read More

Simple Dinners 01 / Peach & Prosciutto Salad

First up, apologies to those who came here today looking for a sugar rush and got a salad, but I’d like to welcome you to a brand new monthly column called Simple Dinners! As much as I love cooking, often the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is cook something elaborate and time consuming … Read More

Just Lovely

I love cooking for friends and family. To me it’s the most perfect to show my favourite people that I love them. I love planning menus (and of course changing my mind countless times), setting the table and sharing food and laughter. Last Sunday I had five lovely ladies come from far and wide to visit my place for lunch. … Read More

My Favourite

Last week was exhausting. Between working back, a few late nights, feeling the beginnings of a cold and then having to work on my day off, by the time the end of the week came around I really, really understood the meaning of the age-old saying “TGIF!” But on the way to work on Friday, I had a little stickybeak … Read More

Delicate Art

Recently, I’ve realised that life is like a big balancing act; between where you are and where you want to be, between what you have to do and what you want to do, between what you need and what you want etc. It’s often challenging to find this balance with conflicting factors at work. It’s quite unfortunate that life doesn’t … Read More