Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer and blogger from Sydney, Australia.

About Spicyicecream

Spicyicecream is a recipe archive for people who want to make delicious, simple food from scratch every day.

I believe that food made from scratch tastes better and isn’t as difficult or as time consuming as you might believe. By getting closer to the source of food and not using low quality “short cut” ingredients in your cooking, you’ll save money and avoid allergens, excess sugar and nasty chemicals often found in store-bought products. Your Nanna totally had the right idea when she made jam, birthday cakes and bread all from scratch and wore lots of cardigans. I love cardigans.

Spicyicecream was born in 2007 and was one of Sydney’s first food and baking blogs. It has been featured on sites like SBS Food, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, as well as in Cosmo and Cleo magazine. I’ve also worked with brands such as Kitchenaid, Profiline, Twinings Tea, HP, Campbell’s, Cadbury and more.

Check out the recipe index and get inspired to try something new in the kitchen.

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About Lisa

Lisa owns a boutique design studio Spicyicecream Design, and absolutely loves to work with small businesses in the hospitality and lifestyle industries to create stand-out brands. She started Spicyicecream while studying graphic design, teaching herself how to bake, and taking photos of her lunch (way before Instagram!) She combines her passion for food and design every day and lives in Sydney with a super awesome roomate and a crazy Bengal cat.

If you’d like to work with me, check out this page.