Apple Miso Crumble with No Churn Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Hello friends! Today we have a super classic winter dessert, with a little twist that just takes everything to a whole new level. I’m talking about the Miso in my Apple Miso Crumble, served with a (no churn) salted caramel ice cream. In this post, I was going to tell you about our apple picking adventure a few weeks back, … Read More

No Churn Christmas Pudding Bombe Alaska

Cake. Ice cream. Torched Meringue. These three things are a match made in heaven. When reading up on the history of the Bombe Alaska, I had visions of it being invented in the kitchen of a super fancy hotel while it was snowing outside. Rich and glamorous guests would marvel over this brand new dessert after enjoying a 6 course … Read More

Rosé Sangria Popsicles

Happy New Year, folks! 2017 was certainly an interesting year, with some massive ups and downs. I love to travel and got to take two incredible trips overseas to the Philippines and Vietnam (which I’ll share more about really soon). I worked with some fantastic hospitality clients on exciting branding, design and photography jobs. I got anxious a lot. I … Read More

Salted Coconut & Mango No Churn Ice Cream Cake

It’s that time of year again, and I couldn’t be happier. No, I don’t mean Christmas – although stay tuned for some delicious festive recipes coming soon. I mean SUMMER, and my yearly quest to eat as many fresh berries, peaches and mangoes as possible. So far this year, the berries have been excellent, and I’m yet to try the … Read More

FREE No Churn Ice Cream Ebook!

Ice cream is one of my favourite sweet treats. Perhaps you noticed that I named my blog after it? I have been making ice cream from scratch for years because I truly believe it tastes better this way. When I used to use my ice cream maker, I would have to remember to freeze the bowl the day before, make … Read More

Lemon & Earl Grey Ice Cream Float

Can we talk about my serious love for all things tea flavoured? As soon as the weather starts to cool down, my tea consumption goes way up and I start to have all sorts of ideas about how to use tea in cocktails, desserts and baked goods. You should see the document of winter recipe ideas sitting on my desktop. … Read More

Roasted Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches (No Churn!)

This seems to happen every single year. I don’t plan on baking something specifically for Valentines Day, and then I end up posting something pink, red or chocolatey completely by accident! I had originally made these Roasted Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches in the hopes of sharing them before Christmas, but the new blog design wasn’t quite ready yet. After a crazy busy week … Read More

Lychee, Gin & Raspberry Ice Blocks

Sometimes I get an idea stuck in my head, and it loops on repeat like a catchy song. I’ve had a half-baked idea floating around my brain for over a week now. A combination of flavours that I knew was a winner, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. While a cake or pie is usually my default … Read More

Chocolate and Malt Speckled Ice Cream Bombe

Easter definitely snuck up on me this year! Even though the Easter eggs have been in the shops since just days after Christmas, they are quite easy to ignore until the very last minute. I haven’t even had a hot cross bun yet, let alone made any long weekend plans! This year, I couldn’t get my mind off all things … Read More