June Bites

june bites… roses

June was a big month! I started out on a health kick – lots of walks and trying to eat better – but was derailed a little due to a week of terrible weather and my birthday! But I’m back on the bandwagon now and went on a nice 5km walk today. Please don’t freak out if there’s not quite as much butter and sugar on the blog in the next little while 🙂 Do you have any favourite healthy cooking blogs? I’d love to know! For more updates don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

june bites… smoothie

I’ve tweaked my favourite green smoothie recipe to include some seasonal winter fruit and veggies. The usual suspects are spinach, cucumber, kiwi fruit, coconut & almond milk. I’m now using pears instead of mango, celery and ginger for it’s immune boosting qualities.

june bites… props

Some gorgeous new props have been added to the collection. Some are from that amazing vintage shop in Melbourne that I wanted to move into. Can’t wait to use them in my blog photos!

june bites… croquembouche

I made this fun Donut Croquembouche for a small birthday celebration with my family. My sister Beth helped me assemble it. It was actually one of four cakes that I had this year – yes I realise that I’m very spoilt. And calories don’t count on your birthday, right?!

june bites… flowers

My friend Naomi from Sydney Design Social got me these gorgeous birthday flowers from Little Flowers. I love the idea of a gorgeous one-off bunch of flowers created from the best at the markets each day.

june bites… cookies

We got a brand new oven this month, so to farewell the old one I made a jumbo batch of these Cookies & Cream Cheesecake stuffed cookies that I gifted to a friend. One last delicious recipe for it to go out on a high.

june bites… adventure

When your afternoon meeting gets cancelled, take an adventure! Coffee and conversation by the water, just like old times.

june bites… apples

Back at the Bondi Markets again, I couldn’t go past these gorgeous tiny apples. They are cute and delicious! I’ve eaten a couple but there are still a few kicking around the fruit bowl so I’ll make something special with them soon.

june bites… ice block

I did the Hermitage Foreshore Walk on a lovely sunny day, ending with an ice block in the sun at Neilsen Park. It’s one of my favourite walks and the views are just stunning. Sydney is winning at winter again!

june bites… cat

Here’s your obligatory monthly cat photo #crazycatladies

june bites… milk bar

I think I’m finally over my irrational fear of dinosaurs. We watched Jurassic World and then had an awesome lunch at our favourite old school milk bar in Sydney’s west. Burgers, potato scallops, hand cut chips and mixed lolly bags for dessert. Sad to think that these independently owned milk bars doing great (and cheap!) takeaway food are now quite rare.

june bites… dumplings & drinks

And to end the month on a high note, there was dumplings and girl talk and pretty coloured drinks at Din Tai Fung. Perfection. Until next time, stay warm!

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