January Bites

january bites… the butler

I can’t believe that January is nearly over already. This year has truly started with a bang and I’m feeling very inspired. And very busy! There’s some new branding and website projects in the works. I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots and some travel plans are starting to shape up, which is so exciting since it feels like I haven’t had a holiday in a really long time.

I’m also starting a new monthly column called Bites to share some of my favourite things that happened during the month just gone, whether it be photos snapped on Instagram, adventures, amazing things I’ve eaten, books or blog posts I’ve read or just other stuff that is inspirational. So here is what has been going on…

january bites… daring & disruptive

I absolutely loved reading Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger, all-round inspiring lady. When I finished this book, I flipped right back to the start to read it again.

january bites… shuk

As a freelancer, I work alone most days so it’s awesome when I get to work with Naomi from her office in Bondi. Even better when she takes me out for lunch. This almond and cinnamon pancake with halvah, berries and crushed pistachios from Shuk was seriously delicious.

january bites… bd woof!

And we were joined by the adorable BD Woof. She even has her own Instagram!

january bites… sunset swims

It is highly motivating to tell myself that I can go to the beach when I finish all my work.

january bites… cuckoo cal lay

My sister and I had an epic brunch at Cuckoo Callay in Newtown, a cute little spot just outside the train station. We had the ‘Beret Stars and Stripes’ with Brioche French toast, maple bacon, peanut caramel, whipped ricotta and maple syrup and in the back you can see the epic chips. They were like half a potato in each chip! We could only eat about three each.

january bites… delivery hero

I was one of the winners of Delivery Hero’s Not Just Another Food Blogger competition and they interviewed me on their blog late last year. Then I got a lovely surprise prize and thoughtful note in the mail. Thanks guys! 
january bites… angry pirate

I took photos of some cocktails at The Angry Pirate in Redfern. A few were on fire.


My kitty cat Tagine is as crazy as ever. She makes me laugh every single day, but I can’t imagine life without her #catlady

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