Boozy Lemonade

boozy lemonade

Friends, it’s been a lonnnng week. Work has been rather hectic, I can feel the beginnings of a cold starting to sap my energy, and let’s not even start on the weather Sydney’s been having! But you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But some weeks are so trying that lemonade isn’t enough, so I boozed it up. It is Friday, afterall.

The inspiration for this recipe actually came from a bar called Fringe in Paddington that I used to frequent almost every Thursday night after work with my cousin. We’d order pizzas and jugs of the Lynchberg Lemonade, which was everything you’d want lemonade to be – super refreshing, sweet, and deceptively boozy. Until that sad day, when it was taken off the menu, and the cocktail jugs that replaced it were never quite as good.

boozy lemonade

I recently set about recreating it from memory, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out! Feel free to play around with the ratios of ingredients, and make it as boozy or sweet as you like. I think this would also be great for any BBQ’s or garden parties you may be planning before summer slips away entirely.

Have a lovely weekend, guys! I’ll see you back here with another tasty recipe on Monday!

boozy lemonade

Boozy Lemonade
Inspired by the Lynchberg Lemonade at The Fringe Bar in Paddington
Makes 2L

• 3 lemons, juiced
• 2 or 3 shots vodka
• 2 or 3 shots whisky (I used Jack Daniels)
• 1 shot Cointreau
• Sugar syrup, to taste (recipe here)
• Ice, lemonade and lemon slices, to serve

Pour lemon juice, vodka, whisky, Cointreau and sugar syrupinto a 2 litre jug and give a little stir with a long spoon. Add ice, lemonade and lemon slices. Taste for sweetness and add more sugar if desired. Serve immediately.

PS, thanks Steph for my lovely vintage citrus juicer!

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