Malaysia Kitchen Bloggers Summit and Kopitiam, Ultimo

kopitiam, ultimo

“You have too much food!” the waitress told us, as we were putting in our order for dinner at Kopitiam Cafe in Ultimo. Between two small girls (who each left with large takeaway containers holding the food we couldn’t finish) we have to admit that she was right. But in our defence, there were so many dishes on the menu that we wanted to try! Steph and I were together for Week 2 of the Malaysia Kitchen Bloggers Summit that is taking place throughout August.

The three bloggers with the most combined votes at the end of August will win a foodie adventure to Malaysia, so I’d be eternally grateful if you could send me some likes!

kopitiam, ultimo

Kopitiam is a really authentic Malaysian Hawker Style restaurant on Harris St in Ultimo, just up from the Powerhouse Museum. The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived but quickly filled up. While I don’t imagine the décor has changed much since they opened, the lime green walls have a certain charm. Steph started with the Hot Teh ‘O’ and I had an iced Teh Tarik (both $4). The drinks came out almost instantly and the Teh Tarik was pretty much perfect as far as sweetness is concerned.

kopitiam, ultimo

We had our hearts (and stomachs) set on Hainanese Chicken Rice, but unfortunately this is only available on the weekend. We decide on Beef Rendang ($14.80) instead, and happily, Kopitiam’s version is probably the best I’ve had. Chunks of beef are simmered in an absolutely delicious spiced coconut sauce for hours until they are perfectly tender.

kopitiam, ultimo

The Nasi Lemak ($9.80) comes in a large serving with a delicious chicken curry as an accompaniment to the usual coconut rice, peanuts, anchovies, hard boiled egg and cucumber. It’s a bargain for such a huge amount of food!

kopitiam, ultimo

Steph was excited to find that they served Claypot Loh See Fun, which translates to “rats tail noodles” since they are fat and round. They are stir-fried with dark soy, pork mince, pork fat, chilli and lots of bean shoots. It had a nice hit of spice, but the noodles were just slightly overcooked and were missing the “slipperiness” this dish is supposed to have and we only found one piece of pork fat, but I still loved it and would definitely order it again.

kopitiam, ultimo

Of course we had to have dessert. We thought it would be fun to try the Ais Kacang ($5), to compare it with the one at Mamak last week. The ice wasn’t as finely shaved which gave it a bit more texture, but it could have used a little more rose syrup. I loved the grass jelly and red beans buried below the mountain of ice, as well as the corn on top.

I really loved the food at Kopitiam Cafe. I wish I had known about it when I was studying in Broadway, just a few streets away! I think we’ll have to come back one weekend and try the Chicken Rice since we missed out this time around. And of course, a repeat performance of that Rendang!

Spicy Icecream dined as a guest of Malaysia Kitchen

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Kopitiam Cafe – 594 Harris St, Ultimo (02) 9282 9883 – Cash Only

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