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For the last few months I’ve had rabbit on the brain. Not cute fluffy pet rabbits, not cooking a delicious rabbit stew, but GourmetRabbit magazine, which I art directed and designed – cover to cover! I’m so thrilled with how it looks and very proud that we had such a great response. We sold out of our first printing in one week, and had to order a re-print, which is even more beautiful!

GourmetRabbit is part cookbook and part magazine and all about things that are good and good for you, and written by the people who know best – the growers, the chefs, the winemakers and many others. So whether you like to explore, cook, sip, forage or munch there is something for everyone! If you can’t wait for your next fix, you’re in luck because the GourmetRabbit website is a veritable treasure trove of goodness. Every month there is a different theme, and brand new articles, recipes and competitions are published every few days!

Today I’m giving my lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the collectors edition first issue of GourmetRabbit (worth $16.95), as well as a one year subscription to GourmetRabbit online (worth $22.95), which means you can read full articles and recipes every month, leave comments, have the chance to win some fantastic prizes and be the first to know about some great events!

The theme for July is Weird and Wonderful, where we explore some truly unique dining experiences and recipes. To win this great prize worth nearly $40, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten. Entries close on August 20th and entries will be judged on creativity. Hop to it! This competition is open to readers in Australia only.

strawberry & coriander panna cotta

My article for Weird and Wonderful is all about desserts that combine fruit with herbs, and actually taste delicious. So if you’re interested, hop on over and check out my recipe for Strawberry and Coriander Panna Cottas. It’s delicious, I assure you! And if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, you can still grab your copy of the launch issue. They are being sold at some lovely places including Danks St Depot, Fix St James, Flying Fish Restaurant, The Gourmet Grocer in Balmain and many more. Hit the website for your closest retailer.

Good luck guys!

15 Comments on “WIN A Collectors First Issue of GourmetRabbit and a Year’s Online Subscription!”

  1. Coming from an Asian background, I've gulped down lots of delicacies that are considered to be weird in Australia, and yet they seem to be pretty normal for me (chicken feet, lungs, heart, brain, name ANY organ, etc). One fine day, when I was living in Japan and eating out in a local sushi restaurant, I saw some sushi topped with something that looked like mayonnaise. I am a huge Japanese mayo junkie so I gulped them down without hesitation. The 'mayonnaise' tasted pretty fishy or so I thought. And then, my Japanese friend told me that it was in fact 'shirako' or cod fish sperm sac! I've survived eating fish sperm…. and even I thought that was pretty weird!

  2. Gorgeous Book….I'd love to enter your giveaway…the weirdest (and at the time) and most wonderful thing I have ever eaten is icecream with lashings of salt….a craving I had during my first pregnancy….I'm very happy to say that craving did not last…..

  3. The weirdest thing was jellied tongue that my parents used to serve on a regular basis for dinner. It came from a can and was covered in aspic. Blergh. It took me years to be able to eat tongue again.

  4. what a cool magazine!

    weirdest thing i've ever eaten… good question! probably pig's cheeks, which actually are pretty tasty! just a little awkward to eat the face of a piggy…

  5. The weirdest thing I've ever eaten was raw quail egg at a sushi bar. Although I also frequently eat green apples sliced up and spread with peanut butter which is pretty strange but pretty delicous!

  6. In terms of a restaurant dish, the strangest thing I've eaten (from an "I think of tomatoes as a vegetable" standpoint) was a dessert of tomato sorbet with coriander and goat cheese. It was divine!

    In terms of my own weird creations… I regularly eat oatmeal cooked with dijonnaise. True story. 😀

  7. deep fried tarantula in Cambodia. You bite into the behind which is full of eggs and very disgusting. they lure them out of there holes by flooding them with water. Then straight to the boiler. mmmm.

  8. Wow I am nearly being sick reading some of the comments – all I can offer is baked or boiled chokos – yummy – lots of people don't like chokos so some will probably think I am weird for eating them ,,,

  9. A swedish Ham, banana, cheese pizza. The sweet banana went gooey & went surprisingly well with salty ham+cheese. It was weird; but wonderful!

  10. Wow! Magazine looks & sounds fabulous! I'm not too adventurous with the weird tasting foods- but I have tried some weird Greek offal wrapped in intestine thing & I've eaten a witchety grub.

  11. What I found strange was not weird/strange to the many around me…however strange but easy to eat was actual Horse Spine (white cord) with a simple squeeze of lemon. Looked like grilled calamari with less flavour. I didnt know it was this until halfway through, I was feeling good so I kept eating. We as Humans do not have a fear of food, we have a fear of how its going to make us feel.
    All just too interesting.
    Lorri Loca

  12. weirdest thing I have ever eaten:

    Well I am not sure if fellow scandinavians would find it weird but Lutefisk (dried then rehydrated fish) is about the weirdest tasting/textured dish I have ever eaten.
    Kind of like fish jelly with wallpaper paste overtones..which no doubt explains the amount of Aquavit that accompanied said dish..and the helping of Bacon that tends to go with it.

    (Seriously, Bacon, is there anything it can't do ?)

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