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There’s just something about Adriano Zumbo. He seems to have the ability to draw out the sweet tooth in just about anyone. It was a real treat to see him on Masterchef and watch the contestants (and then some food bloggers) try to recreate some of his incredible cakes! After I missed out on the food blogger gathering at his Chocolat Café following the launch of his Winter Collection due to a public transport mishap (boo!), I made it my mission to travel to Balmain for a taste of my own. The latest collection for winter, called 40 Days and 40 Nights is as creative and inventive as ever, with bold presentations and even more interesting flavour combinations.

escape from a columbian rainforest

After seeing everyone’s posts about it, I was fascinated by the ‘Escape from a Columbian Rainforest’ – a flourless chocolate sponge, dark chocolate fizzy disc, cherry cola jelly, cherry cola syrup and chocolate sabayon mousse that looks like a Coke can. It’s changed slightly since the launch. No longer can you poke a straw into the top to suck out the cherry cola syrup, because the top is now a very authentic looking silver chocolate disc. But this left us a little confused about how to eat it, especially when it got battered around a little on the walk to the ferry! Having never been a huge fan of Cherry Coke I think the flavours of this were lost on me a little bit, but the presentation won me over completely.


The ‘Wheely Lost’ was hazelnut meringue, anzac moisture, mint chocolate disc, vanilla apple tatin chantilly and apple tatin compote, which seemed to be a reinterpretation of this one and carried on the ‘wheelie’ theme that has been also present in other collections in the past. I loved the slightly crunchy anzac biscuit crumbs dotted around the outside. The flavours of apple and mint worked well and definitely seemed wintery.

danny has tickets to her box office

‘Danny has tickets to her box office’ consisted of a chocolate pop rock and popcorn disc, vanilla almond chantilly, dulce de leche, flourless chocolate sponge and almond feulletine. This was interesting to eat, especially the chocolate pop rock disc which gave an interesting sensation when you put it into your mouth. I really liked this one, except that the almond chantilly tasted mostly of marzipan and I’m not a huge fan. It was exciting to see popcorn in a sweet cake, and I think this one worked.

lukas rides the tube

My favourite was called ‘Lukas Rides the Tube’, I believe a new addition to the collection. It’s a stunning cake with macadamia praline mousse, macadamia daquoise, vanilla chantilly, pear tatin and macadamia feulletine. I thought the flavours and textures were really well balanced, and it was absolutely gorgeous.


The macarons were amazing, as always, a combination of flawless technique and innovative flavour combinations that satisfy my sweet tooth every time, like salt and vinegar, and salted butter popcorn. My favourites were the gianduja and pine nut, and the rice pudding, which was a great play on textures with a lovely warm cinnamon flavour.
I will definitely not leave it so long between visits again, because I never fail to be blown away by Adriano’s creations. And now, with the lines at his patisserie stretching out the door, and lotteries to win a chance to buy his chocolate mousse cake, it’s as clear as ever that Sydney’s collective sweet tooth cannot be sated.

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  1. It was very sad that you missed out on our trip there but I'm glad you managed to make up for it big time! I think I preferred the coke can when you could stick the straw straight into the top of the cake, it was more fun!

  2. Nice to hear that the macarons are now much better! (they are, aren't they?) Can't wait to see your lemon meringue cake post (though I have seen the cake!)!

  3. omgosh what day and what time did you go to zumbo's? Every time I or someone I have known has gone, there are at most 3 types of cakes left!
    His popularity has skyrocketed since MasterChef… Good for him but bad for us 🙁

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