Taste of Sydney

taste of sydney

Sydney is a unique city food-wise, with an amazing blend of cultures shaping our cultural landscape. The Taste of Sydney Festival coming to town after successful events in cities like London, Dublin, Dubai, Cape Town and Melbourne. You can experience the best cuisine that Sydney has to offer, all in the one place. The festival runs over four days, between March 12th-15th in the gorgeous Centennial Park, and features some of the city’s top restaurants including Bécasse, Bird Cow Fish, Longrain and Sailors Thai.

It was very exciting to receive an invitation to the Media Launch and have the opportunity to preview it all beforehand. It was also a wonderful opportunity to catch up once more with some food blogger friends over some great food and wine. But unfortunately I was a little too busy chatting and eating to take many photos! For the full run-down, of everything that was served, head over to Jen’s blog and check out her amazing photos.

wagyu burgers

There were a few highlights of the night – the amazing and visually stunning beetroot macaroons with foie gras by Centennial Parklands Dining, and the mini wagyu burgers from Bécasse & Etch which I had been looking forward to trying for a long time. I also loved the truffle risotto balls with mozzarella and spinach and fennel sauce from Berowra Waters, I think I ate at least three! There was some excitement when the guy serving the tray of ‘etli borek’ teased us, telling us they had snake inside the crispy filo pastry. We actually believed him at first, but it was veal shank with currants and pine nuts and was really delicious.

The dessert that took the cake, so to speak was the wonderfully jiggly vanilla panna cotta from Jonah’s at Whale Beach. It was served with pomegranate molasses and lavender honey. Both the presentation and the taste were sensational. The double chocolate and hazelnut baklava from Civic Dining was also amazing, but very very rich. I was very impressed with the variety of dishes and the wonderful location. I am really looking forward to the festival itself!

panna cotta (35)

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  1. FFichiban, it was a lot of fun for sure. Are you going to the taste of sydney in march? might see you there!

    Dawn, they were seriously good! though the mini wagyu burgers were even more fantastic, and so cute!

    Helen, I can’t wait to see your photos! it was tricky to juggle a panna cotta in one hand and the camera in the other hehe. The risotto balls were amazing!

  2. That dessert is killing me. Vanilla panna cotta and lavender honey… Ok, when is this festival coming to Los Angeles??? Who do I have to talk to around here? 😉

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