15 Best Penang Street Food Dishes

Penang street food is some of the best in the world. Street food in Penang is “fast food” but not as you know it. Dishes are cooked to order and served up in minutes by independent vendors who have been at it for years. They only do one or two specialities each, but they do them well. I love the thriving … Read More

Food Tripping in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of my favourite places to visit, and it seemed crazy that I hadn’t been there since 2012. I love that there are always your old favourite places to revisit, and always plenty of new ones too. While this was only a very quick trip, I was excited to try some of the new restaurants that have popped … Read More

Venice, Los Angeles Part 1

I didn’t really know what to expect from Los Angeles. Since we only had four days, we based ourselves in a fantastic Airbnb apartment near the beach in Venice and spent the time exploring Santa Monica and the fantastic restaurants and shops along Abbot Kinney Boulevard. I was so glad we went for the more relaxed approach staying in one … Read More

San Francisco

Leaving New York kind of sucked. After running late to the airport and the slowest crawl through security ever, I finally made my flight to SFO. Halfway through I was woken from a nap to find that the man sitting right next to me was having a seizure. There was a doctor on board but it lasted over 30 minutes and he … Read More

New York, Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my New York posts, but there’s still lots more to go! There’s donuts, pizza and burgers – oh yes. No wonder I needed a detox when I got home!! Six days was definitely not long enough, especially since I lost a day with our unexpected 18 hour stopover in Fiji because of mechanical … Read More

New York, Part 1

When it comes to choosing holiday destinations, give me a big city over just about anything else any day. And what better place than New York? I had never travelled on my own before, but I got to enjoy it very quickly, exploring at my own pace and seeing whatever the heck I wanted, with no one to tell me … Read More

Five Days in Penang, Part 2

It’s been just over a month since I got back from Penang but I can’t believe how much has happened in that short amount of time. Big Life Stuff. I feel like almost like a different person, yet definitely more ‘me’ than before. I suppose all of that makes this post a little bit strange to write now, but I made … Read More

Five Days in Penang, Part 1

Five days in Penang are barely enough to even scratch the surface of this amazing island’s incredible food scene. Famous for having some of the world’s best street food, it’s definitely a must visit destination if you’re a food lover! But between the shopping and markets, beaches, museums, guided tours, temples, street art (more on this later) and incredibly beautiful … Read More

Chin Chin, Melbourne CBD

The first time I tried to visit Chin Chin in Melbourne’s CBD, we arrived before 6pm and were told there would be a 4 hour wait for a table of two! So we went round the corner and had a truly fantastic meal at Movida Next Door instead! Luckily on my next Melbourne trip we tried for a late Friday … Read More

A few days in Melbourne

 Oh Melbourne, I miss you. It’s probably better if I don’t tell you how long ago this trip actually was (!!) but it was filled with so much fun and so many delicious eating adventures with my sister that I still wanted to share with you, so here is a post filled with ‘mini reviews’ of some places we visited! … Read More