Apple Miso Crumble with No Churn Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Hello friends! Today we have a super classic winter dessert, with a little twist that just takes everything to a whole new level. Iโ€™m talking about the Miso in my Apple Miso Crumble, served with a (no churn) salted caramel ice cream. In this post, I was going to tell you about our apple picking adventure a few weeks back, … Read More

Chocolate Espresso Mousse with Peanut & Pretzel Bark

This year my sweet tooth seems to go bye-byes for extended periods of time, which is inconvenient for the frequent updates I hoped to make to this blog! When I do eat sweets, I like dark chocolate, fruit, or something with a good hit of salt to balance everything out. And that is where this delicious Peanut & Pretzel Bark … Read More

Chia Pudding with Honey Stewed Rhubarb

As I mentioned in my last post, in June I started trying to eat healthier and be more active. On a normal day I probably eat too much sugar and carbs – these are what I turn to for comfort food, a quick fix when I’m busy or a late night snack. This month – as well as going for … Read More

Negroni Poached Pears

It’s no secret that I love creating boozy desserts, so I’m sneaking in just under the wire with a recipe to celebrate Negroni Week. If you’re not familiar, the negroni is an aperitif with just three ingredients – campari, gin and vermouth. Sophisticated and a little bit bitter, it’s a great way to start your Friday night and stimulate your … Read More

Chocolate Whisky Pudding with Passionfruit Ice Cream

The weather here in Sydney has been crazy. We’ve had record amounts of rain, a freak weekend hail storm that had the inner west building snowmen. The winds got downright scary up here on Heartbreak Hill. Luckily save a broken window and a few umbrellas, we had no damage, but thousands of people did. The amazing volunteers at the SES … Read More

Star Anise Panna Cotta with Caramelised Pineapple

I love the changing of the seasons. Sydney does this time of year especially well – when the wind is warm, the air has a hint of jasmine flowers, the days get longer and the jacaranda trees are intense purple. Spring is always an incredibly inspiring time for me, a time when good things seem to happen. And so, I thought I’d … Read More

Chocolate & Pomegranate Pot de Creme with Caramelised Figs

I’m not entirely sure why I’ve had a craving for chocolate after scoffing more than my fair share of Lindt bunnies over the Easter long weekend, but it seems that every recipe idea I’ve come up with in the last few weeks revolves around chocolate! I’ve actually been wanting to make a pot de creme for several years now, but with my … Read More

Banana Split Blondies + 13 Ways with Bananas

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I get tremendously uninspired whenever I have a bunch of bananas turning brown in the fruit bowl. Banana bread again?! They’re not really my favourite fruit at the best of times, but over the years I have learned that they can be greatly improved by caramel, chocolate, booze or all of the above! I hope … Read More

Popcorn Salted Caramel Ice Cream + 8 No Churn Ice Cream Ideas

I suppose it’s not a secret that this no-churn ice cream recipe is one of my absolute favourites. The basic recipe is just two ingredients, and it’s endlessly adaptable from there. You don’t need an ice cream maker, you don’t have to fuss around making a custard, and my favourite part – there’s no pesky left over egg whites. It’s … Read More