Mushroom Meatball Subs

It’s hard to believe that I was ever a fussy eater as a kid. There’s lots of foods I wouldn’t touch, but mushrooms were my arch-nemesis. I would pick even the most microscopic pieces off a slice of pizza. However, these days I can’t get enough of this nutritional powerhouse ingredient in all forms. So when my friends at Distil … Read More

Baked Feta Pasta with Eggplant and Cherry Tomatoes (TikTok recipe)

Do you have a favourite ingredient that you just want to add to every single dish? Mine is eggplant. I mean Margherita Pizza is great, but if you add eggplant? Phenomenal. And lasagne is epic but seriously, have you tried adding eggplant?! Remember that viral TikTok pasta trend from a couple of years ago? Where you take cherry tomatoes and … Read More

Spiced Pumpkin, Fetta and Pearl Barley Salad

We’re currently in the transition between winter and spring. We’ve had some lovely warm, sunny days, which feel lush. But thanks to La Niña today is feeling like winter again. That being said, I’m getting a lot of inspiration seeing fall recipes posted by Northern Hemisphere friends on Instagram. It feels like a nice overlap with the seasons where we … Read More

Eggplant Pasta (Pasta alla Norma)

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite ever pasta recipes. You know that feeling, when you know you’re eating your favourite food for dinner, and you look forward to it all day? That’s how I feel about this recipe. We call it Eggplant Pasta, but its also widely known as Pasta alla Norma. From the small amount of research I … Read More

Veal and Chorizo Sausage Roll

A long time ago, in (what feels like) a galaxy far, far away, I was a designer for a hospitality group in Sydney. My favourite venue was Gazebo Wine Garden in Elizabeth Bay. I loved the vibe and almost everything on the menu was phenomenal. There were a few dishes that I have always wanted to try my hand at … Read More

One Pot Chunky Chicken Risoni Soup

During last year’s first lockdown when there were grocery shortages aplenty, I was really surprised that there was always Orzo in stock. Here in Australia, it’s usually called Risoni, but it’s the same short cut pasta, the size and shape of a large grain of rice. The entire pasta aisle was wiped bare except for boxes and packets of risoni … Read More

Easy Salami Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes & Burrata

I am literally always on the lookout for new weeknight dinner ideas. While I love having a few favourite dishes that I make over and over, I find it really refreshing and fun to try new recipes. But sometimes I forget to share them here on the blog! This super easy Salami Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes is one that I’ve … Read More

Pulled Pork Baked Beans

Ahhh Baked Beans. I think almost everyone has some memory or association with them, whether it was an after school snack or a favourite on the buffet breakfast… but not me. I was a fussy kid and the list of things I didn’t like was probably longer than what I would eat. I’ve grown out of a lot of my … Read More

Pulled Pork Loaded Sweet Potatoes

I’ve made pulled pork so many times that it has sort of become my signature dish. My friends and family love it and I get requests to make it for picnics and parties. When cooking for a crowd of people, y’all know I love my slow cooker. I wrote a whole blog post about all the many reasons why over … Read More

7 Days of Cozy Simple Dinners

I am a girl with a massive sweet tooth, but one cannot live on desserts alone. That’s why I started my Simple Dinners column – sharing some of my favourite savoury dishes too! Yes I love cooking, but I often struggle with what to make for dinner and being organised with meal planning and groceries. I often feel like I’m … Read More