Simple Dinners 02 / Roasted Grape & Prosciutto Toastie

Apologies for the complete radio silence lately! While baking inspiration has been at a high, time unfortunately has not. But I’m back today with another quick and easy lunch or dinner recipe that I think you’ll like! Where comfort food is concerned, the toastie is hard to beat. They seriously couldn’t be easier to make, but this one takes the flavours … Read More

Mac and Cheese, plus 13 ways with Gruyere

It’s no secret that I loooove cheese. I could spend an hour in front of the epic wall of cheese at Harris Farm. You may have noticed that I don’t often do savoury recipes here, but be sure that when I do they are really something special. I hope you enjoy this round up of cheesy recipes from some of … Read More

Pulled Pork Empanadas with Peach BBQ Sauce

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Mine was wonderful, spent catching up with relatives (plus some visitors from Brisbane) over a big family lunch and lots (and lots and lots) of great food. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen pictures of the epic Berry Trifle I made for the occasion, which literally vanished … Read More

Shredded Brisket Tacos with Tequila Lime Guacamole and Mexican Corn

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang Us Sydneysiders were blessed with an absolutely beautiful weekend, a welcome respite from the unpredictable weather we’ve been copping lately. And while there are countless things to love about spring, Sydney’s temperamental weather is not one of them! I thought there would be no better way to celebrate such a gorgeous weekend than a … Read More

Beef Ribs with Pomegranate BBQ Sauce

This post is sponsored by NuffnangAhhh, it must be spring. The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and my hayfever is back with a vengeance! But it also means that BBQ season is just beginning, and that is something I get excited about every year. Cooking and eating outside during the warmer months is really special, and … Read More

Pork, Apple and Cider Pie

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang There’s something inherently special about Sundays. For me, it’s a golden opportunity for a sleep in, and a nice time to relax before stepping in to the new week. In my perfect world, there would be a picnic lunch every Sunday in summer, either in the park or down at the beach, and a … Read More

BBQ Pork Ribs

I declare that 2010 is the year of ribs! I think I’ve eaten more ribs this year alone than in the rest of my life combined, and it’s only October, plenty of time yet! There’s been all you can eat rib-a-thons at Mumu Grill, Café Ish and Waterfront Grill, as well as some delicious specimens sampled at South, Buzo, Sugarmill … Read More

Grape Schiacciata

Some days just seem custom-made for baking. This was the case last Sunday, when the weather was grey and drizzly, perfect for staying indoors and pottering about the kitchen. More specifically, I was in the mood to make bread. When I saw this recipe in the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook, I knew exactly what to do, and I immediately went … Read More

Just Lovely

I love cooking for friends and family. To me it’s the most perfect to show my favourite people that I love them. I love planning menus (and of course changing my mind countless times), setting the table and sharing food and laughter. Last Sunday I had five lovely ladies come from far and wide to visit my place for lunch. … Read More

Summer Vegetable Galette

I thought I’d left the crazy world of deadlines and sleep deprivation back in my college days, when the all nighters were all too common and I’d live and breathe Photoshop. But no, here we are again, a little bit older and wiser but still trying to beat the clock, when the to do lists seem to get longer instead … Read More