Cake Batter Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cake Batter + Sprinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches
Hello hello. Just a quick note from me today, as I’m guest posting over at my gorgeous friend Steph’s blog Raspberri Cupcakes while she is off in Europe on her honeymoon! We’re actually going to be in Kuala Lumpur at the same time next week, totally by coincidence – how crazy is that! So I’m looking forward to catching up with her then over many iced teh tariks ๐Ÿ™‚

Cake Batter + Sprinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches

But, lets talk about this recipe for just a second – Cake batter ice cream sandwiches!

Ice cream sandwiches have been popping up on restaurant menus all over Sydney this year and I wanted to put my own spin on the now infamous dessert. Cake batter flavoured ice cream fit the bill perfectly as itโ€™s delicious, sort of unusual โ€“ and perfect with sprinkles! And of course, you know how much Steph loves sprinkles!

You wouldn’t believe how easy this ice cream is to make. Thereโ€™s no ice cream maker required, no custard to make, no eggs to separate, minimal washing up, and it still turns out to be super creamy. I also loved the brownie ‘sandwich’ that was the perfect texture – half way between a cake and a biscuit. I’ll definitely be making these again soon.

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Cake Batter + Sprinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches

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