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As a graphic designer who loves to cook, it is seems like a natural progression to be interested infascinated by okay, obsessed with cookbooks and food magazines. I could spend hours in the cookbook section of a bookstore, and I have almost been glared out of a newsagency while browsing the magazines. I really am quite lucky that my local library has a good cookbook section, a sort of try before you buy when you find a book you’ve been curious about but would really like to just pore over.

I’ve noticed food has played a big part in my creativity this year. There was the corporate identity, style guide and 12 page brochure for a cupcake café called Carpe Diem in term one. And the self promotional piece that combined my love of baking and packaging in term two. There was wine label design which I might speak about later, and at the moment I’m working on an annual report for an organic food supplier and a set of menu icons for a Sydney restaurant.

The magazine that you see above was a term three editorial project. We were given a title, Niche and were required to conceptualize and design a viable magazine. My Niche was a magazine purely about desserts, and the fancier the better. Does anything like this actually exist any where in the world? I have never seen it in Australia, but our magazine market is fairly small. It was a fun project to design, thinking not only about what would suit the style of the current issue but others too. It would be wonderful, one day, to be able to combine these two loves in a career of designing cookbooks or magazines… or maybe if the graphic design thing doesn’t work out I’ll just open a bakery!

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  1. Anh

    Lisa, I am really impressed with your project. I would love to see a dessert or baking only mag in Australia. I don’t think we have any at retail level yet (these are professional mags/newsletters I think…)

    I hope you can combine your two passions to something truly unique. You have great talents girl!

  2. Lisa

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, it really made my day.
    Maybe it is destined that I will one day create such a magazine! 🙂

  3. Amanda

    This is a dream project for me! I love taking pictures of dessert and sweets because there is such a natural beauty found in them, you know what I mean? Nothing is contrived or made up. It is what it is and I love its simplicity.

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